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Stellar Elite Low (SEL)

Stellar Elite Low (SEL)



The NEW Stellar Elite Low (SEL), same great boat, but revamped for 2016! Starting with the original hull design, we optimized the shape to reduce the drag of this racing machine, while keeping that loved stability that the SEL has become known for. The overall length has been reduced by 10cm and the rudder and cockpit were moved forward resulting in a more agile SEL, which accelerates quickly and easily catches the bumps. We also increased the volume of the boat, moved the bow deck transition to the stern and reduced the volume of the cockpit to make this boat truly seaworthy in all ocean conditions and accessible to a wider range of paddlers! Other new features include a rounded seat for a better and more comfortable rotation, a water bottle holder and composite bow and stern handles. All these changes in the new SEL, paired with our industry leading construction and consistent quality, will put a smile on your face!

    • Length: 21' 2" / 6.45 m
    • Beam: 17.1" / 43.5 cm
    • Depth: 14.2" / 36 cm
    • Paddler: 5'5"-6'6" / 1.65-2m
    • Speed: Racing
    • Stability: Intermediate / Advanced

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