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MOCKE Deluxe Paddle Bag

MOCKE Deluxe Paddle Bag

The MOCKE Deluxe Paddle Bag is the original paddler’s travel bag! We know that only the toughest luggage survives adventurous traveling so we have made the Deluxe Paddle Bag even harder working and wearing! It is designed to be the ONE bag every paddler will need for training, traveling, racing or all of the above.

  • Features:

    • Double-Lined “boot” for extra protection against wear
    • 1,3m total length
    • Stain resistant colour theme
    • Rugged edge binding
    • Versatile stow-away strap system prevents flapping ends during travel
    • Blade separator and double thick padding ensure maximum paddle protection
    • Zip configuration allows you to lock pockets during travel
    • Two spacious compartments to separate dry and wet kit
    • Made entirely of water proof fabric
    • Anti-corrosion zippers
    • Cell phone and key pouch inside
    • FRAGILE label integrated in surface design
    • Made in South Africa!


    • Never leave your wet gear in the bag over night, it will stink in the morning!
    • Wash your bag AT LEAST ONCE a season i.e. every three months.
We will let you know when we intend to re-stock ASAP.

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