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Stellar Elite Assassin (SEA)

Stellar Elite Assassin (SEA)



The all new Stellar Elite Assassin (SEA) has raised the bar in the Stellar Elite Series. Designed from the ground with elite and advanced paddlers in mind, paying tribute to the original Elite skis, but modernizing some features to increase comfort and performance. The bow has the narrowest waterline profile in the Stellar line. The bow deck has been refined to shed water more actively and keep the Ski on the surface. The waterline length has been increased by plumbing, narrowing and changing the rocker profile of the bow compared to other Stellar skis. As an advanced paddlers Ski the depth of the cockpit and the freeboard behind the cockpit have been increased to provide a drier ride. Stern rocker profile and shape has been modified to increase control and maneuverability whilst surfing or tight turns. The rudder has been moved forward to improve functionality and performance in different conditions. The CofG (cockpit) has been moved forward allowing for a tighter catch, compared to other Stellar Elite skis, linking runs has never been so easy. The new ergonomics of the seat reduces chaffing points for hours of comfortable paddling.

    • Length: 20' 4" / 6.195 m
    • Beam: 16.3" / 41.4 cm
    • Depth: 13.8" / 35.1 cm
    • Paddler: 5'-6'3" / 1.5-1.9m
    • Capacity: 210 lbs / 95 kg
    • Speed: Racing
    • Stability: Advanced

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