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Stellar 18' Surf Ski (S18S X)

Stellar 18' Surf Ski (S18S X)



The S18S X uses the S18S G2 platform and reduces weight and price by eliminating hatches. With its fast hull shape and narrow catch, the light weight of the S18S X can give you the edge in your next race. The rocker profile is optimized for efficient paddling and catching waves. All done without losing any stability and staying within USCA fast sea kayaks regulations. The DeBrito bailer makes for dry starts, paddles and rapid water removal. Under-stern/over-stern fittings, side handles, water bottle holder, carbon handles at each end, leash attachment and deck bungees still come standard on the Stellar S18S X. Making this a boat you need to put in your fleet.

    • Length: 17' 11" / 5.48m
    • Beam: 20.2" / 51.2cm
    • Depth: 13.3" / 33.7cm
    • Paddler: 5'-6'6" / 1.5-2m
    • Capacity: 285 lbs / 130kg
    • Bow Storage: 10.3 Gal / 39 L
    • Stern Storage: 23.7 Gal / 89.6 L
    • Speed: Fast/Racing
    • Stability: Intermediate

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