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Speedboard SS

Speedboard SS

The Speeder SS is shaped with distance and ultimate speed in mind. Having a balanced symmetry and sharper entry this board will accelerate instantly and glide effortlessly. The nose profile is intended to be forgiving in chop conditions and quick secondary stability design will keep you challenging your course whether smooth or rough. Its lower profile makes the SS shed wind and waves, maintain forward speed and bring you home with a smile.

The recessed cockpit stance provides a low center of gravity and its structural integration keeps the board flex to a minimum. The SS is the ultimate paddleboard design for the performance workout routine or race circuit dominance.


The Speeder Sprint (SS) is a design tailored for ultimate performance pace. It will excel in flats and low to moderate chop with good downwind performance. The low standing deck enhances balance and the board is available in 21in, 23in and 25in widths. Construction is a fully cored Carbon sandwich, vacuum bagged, oven cured structure and available in standard or custom colors. Whether you are looking for an awesome 200 meter race rocket or a ten mile fitness trainer, this is your board.

  • Dimensions

    14ft x 21in. SS 19lbs (4.3m x .53m 8.5kg)
    14ft x 23in. SS 20lbs (4.3m x .58m 9.1kg)
    14ft x 25in. SS 21lbs (4.3m x .63m 9.8kg)


    Maximum Weight Chart

    21” 175lb / 80 kg
    23” 200lb / 90kg
    25” 240lb / 110kg

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