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Nelo 400

Nelo 400

The Nelo 400 is the perfect choice for any person who is looking for an extra-stable and versatile kayak. Its extravagant design is specially developed to be a boat for all skill levels. With a stability level of 10 in 10, the Nelo 400 makes paddling easy for everyone, even those who never paddle before. As usual, Nelo wants the best performance possible even in an entry-level boat, which makes the Nelo 400 probably the fastest boat in its range.


The Nelo 400 is developed with special features for your comfort, such as an optimized seating position(no back pain) a controllable rudder, neoprene handles, a full footrest and a spacious storage area.

  •  Boat: 3.8 x 0.7 m

     Seat to Footrests: 0.68 - 0.9 m

     Stability: 10/10


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