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Fenn Surge

Fenn Surge



The Surge is Fenn's latest creation. This ski will excel in the flat and small to moderate downwind conditions. The ski is still being tested in all conditions. Feedback so far has been very promising. More information and photos to come shortly, stay tuned.  

  • Boat: 5.82 x 0.425 m

    Seat Width: 37.5cm

  • Hybrid 11.5 kgs

    • Vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon, epoxy resin.
    • The Hybrid layup uses a special layer of carbon and fibreglass interwoven fabric along with another layer of fibreglass. This layup creates strength while reducing weight enabling a more affordable product. There is very little difference between full carbon and hybrid layups in weight making this layup a first class racing product.

    Carbon 10.5 kgs (Shorter, lower volume skis will be slightly lighter than their full length/size counterparts)

    • Vacuum bagged carbon, epoxy resin.
    • This layup is the premium layup for these types of craft. Carbon and epoxy are used and vacuum bagged to create the lightest and stiffest craft possible. 

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