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Allwave Volo

Allwave Volo

The Volo a surfski for athletes over 80kg for good level athletes. The fittings (footrests and rudder) are the same as the Cx, while the seat is large, comfortable and enveloping, allowing it to be used even by very large and heavy people. The shape of the hull gives it considerable agility in the waves and extremele east to surf. The bailers are partially integrated into the hull to ensure rapid emptying of the cockpit and good impact resistance.


Very generous volumes allow athletes over 80 kg to obtain great performance with this hull which is able to withstand weights even over 100kg. It is a high performance hull with a strong vocation for gliding.

  • Length: 642cm

    Width: 46cm


    Stability: 5.5/10

    Speed: 8/10

  • Ibrida 12.5Kg

    Fiberglass vacuum sandwich with carbon reinforcements.


    Corsa 10.5Kg

    Carbon vacuum sandwich.


    Leggera 9.3Kg

    Brushed carbon vaccum sanwitch


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