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Allwave Mistral

Allwave Mistral

The surfski for all, 520 cm long and 50 cm wide, is easily transportable in any car. It has been designed to have maximum performance with the smallest footprint. There are many new features, a high volume of the bow, a wider cockpit in the foot area, an adjustable footrest and handles at the bow and stern.


The Mistral is agile in the waves and has excellent speed in flat water, so much so that it can also be used in races instead of the a flat water kayak. We have adopted the new De Brito emptying unit which can be completely closed with a quickly.

  • Length: 520cm

    Width: 50cm


    Stability: 7/10

    Speed: 6/10

  • Ibrida 12.5Kg

    Fiberglass vacuum sandwich with carbon reinforcements.


    Corsa 10.5Kg

    Carbon vacuum sandwich.


    Leggera 9.3Kg

    Brushed carbon vaccum sanwitch


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