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Dansprint PRO Kayak Ergometer

Dansprint PRO Kayak Ergometer

Stretch Your Limits

The Dansprint ergometer is a high tech Kayak and Canoe Ergometer, designed for professionals, clubs and Multi-use setup in Gyms. With an unparalleled authentic water feeling. As close to the real thing as you will ever get, without leaving your house. Off season, after dark, water frozen and weather punishing, Dansprint will allow you to keep up the most tenacious training programme indoors.


Developed by a team of engineers and designers headed by kayak world champions Ole Torp and Lars Koch, the Dansprint ergometer was designed to meet the exacting requirements of elite paddlers striving for perfection. Toning your muscles, improving your techniques, and driving your performance towards untold horizons.


To an astonishing degree, Dansprint simulates the actual feel of both inertia, hydrodynamic drag, and wave resistance of an Olympic style K1 kayak moving through water. The results you achieve paddling the Dansprint range of three to five meters per second, the resemblance to open water is especially outstanding.

  • In terms of technology, Dansprint is an extremely advanced execution of a charmingly simple idea. Paddle action pulls a rotating fan in the front. Stroke by stroke a built in computer continuously measures and translates the power of your pull into both graphic and numeric information about energy input and accumulated work.

    The easy to read computer display shows paddling time – forward or countdown. Distance covered. Left and right stroke balance. Stroke rate. Water/air ratio. Maximum and average power produced. Also, adjusted to your own weight, Dansprint accurately measures maximum and average speeds. Expressed as kilometers per hour or as time per 1,000 meters. Even your heart rate can be monitored (requires chest ribbon).

    Less advanced ergometers simply make rough assumptions about the power developed from the speed of their flywheels, whereas Dansprint measurements are scientifically correct. With a resolution of app. 80 points per stroke. Dansprint gauges breaking force and kinetic energy stored before calculating the actual power input. Also, air intake in the rotating fan is adjustable to compensate for size and weight of the paddler. Finally, build from superior materials, the Dansprint ergometer is dependable, durable and virtually unbreakable.


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